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Hatta Matsuda

miwa's 2nd album "guitarium" leaked tracklists

As leaked on tower records website, here it is, the disappointing tracklist!!

1. いくつになっても (Ikutsu ni Natte Mo) 4:43
2. 441 4:06
3. ふたりのサタディ (futari no SATURDAY) 4:35
4. 片想い (Kataomoi) 5:48
5. againxagain 4:31
6. jexxxa 4:32
7. またね (Mata ne) 5:48
8. コットンの季節 (COTTON no Kisetsu) 4:28
9. Chasing hearts 4:36
10. メリーゴーランド (MERRY GO ROUND) 5:17
11. クレアデルネ (CLAIR DE LUNE) 4:26
12. take@chance 4:30
13. FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC 4:22
14. 始まりは終わりじゃない <endress version> (Hajimari wa Owari Jyanai ) 5:49

We only get 7 new tracks, 1 new mix, 2 tracks that released on chaku-uta, 3 A-Side tracks already released in single, and 3 B-Side tracks already released in single. Quite a disappointment according to her previous album that most of them are new tracks.

But, according to miwa blog, she's still recording new tracks. Perhaps the final tracklists will be changed. Hope so...

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Source : miwaddicts LJ

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