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arama original: all about gyaru part 2

Kana Nishino and Itano Tomomi inspired looks from Popteen August 2011

After the first installment, I decided to continue on. But this time listing the notable celebrities that are gyaru, are influence by gyaru and who influence gyaru. As for my intentions? Well I plan to give a little idea of how some of these women are considered gyaru. I know I stilll have more ground to cover, does anyone want to make a request?

Aoki Eri (Popteen & Popsister model) / / / / / / / / / / Abe Nicole (Happie nuts model)

Itano Tomomi (AKB48 idol) / / / / / / / / / / Koda Kumi (J-pop queen)
Itano Tomomi...she is influenced by gyaru. Her favorite brand is Liz Lisa, she pays a lot of attention to her nails here, here and here. Funnily, when I typed in Amura boom/style, looking for pictures, Tomochin came up quite a bit. A lot of Tomochin's promotion is centered around Shibuya and Shibuya 109. Shibuya 109 is the go to place for womens and gyaru brands as seen in here. Guess what? She's the spokes girl for Shibuya 109. She is often featured within gyaru magazines such as EDGE STYLE.

Koda Kumi is also influenced by gyaru as well as influences it. Did you know she's in the nail queen hall of fame? I don't need to tell you, she could seriously do damage to someone with those nails on. She started the trend of erokawa or ero kawaii which means sexy but still cute. Ero-kawaii is often incopperated in some onee gyaru styles. Koda Kumi has worked with the gyaru brand EMODA for a collaborative mook. She has been on the cover of gyaru magazines such as Scawaii, Cawaii and EDGE STYLE. How many times have I see Koda grace Popteen.

Amuro Namie (J-pop queen) / / / / / / / Nishikawa Mizuki (Popteen + Nicky model)
Namie, she has influenced gyaru and has been influenced by it. Please to part 1 of all about gyaru to learn of the Amura style.

Hamasaki Ayumi (J-pop queen) / / / / / / / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (singer and KERA model)
Ayu, Ayumi Hamasaki. What is J-pop without her...but we're not here to talk about her music. We're to talk about her fashion. I'm sure, comparing her to the styles of gyaru, she fits right in. First with the magazines, she's been on multiple covers of popteen and even more of cawaii (about 16-18 actually). They're not going to put someone on the cover if their styles don't suit the magazine. No lie, I cried when cawaii went out of business. What else? She's in the nail hall of fame. Ayu is rated no. 2 in a gyaru's favorite artist poll back in 2006.

Kyary, is slightly/lightly influenced by gyaru. I know you'll will protest and I did too, at first. I'm not going to say she's gyaru just because of her blonde hair/wig/weave. She does little to no promotions in Shibuya, her home is in Harajuku and does models for KERA and Zipper. I'm focusing on her eyelashes, the Harajuku Doll Eyelashes by Eyemazing x Kyary collaboration. Eyemazing is a fake lashes brand, with such models/collaborators as Komori Jun in their ranks. Has it branched out to Harajuku or has Kyary branched out her fanbase?

Kaneda Kumiko (progolfer) / / / / / / / Araki Sayaka (Kokuma ageha & Ane ageha model, DJ)
Kaneda Kumiko. I can't say that this didn't give me a surprise. I was going by the list I found and when I went searching for pictures, it all made sense. The loads of pink, the blonde hair, the light tan and those lashes. Here's a bit about her:
Kumiko Kaneda a.k.a Kinkumi does not look like an athlete but rather look like a Gyaru. She is a Gyarufer (Gyaru + Golfer). She brings as many as 60 pieces of clothes and she spends good time to select the very motivating coordination for the game. She was only 3 years old when she started playing golf. Her dad taught her. At the age of 11, she entered professional game for the first time.
She looked pretty successful, on the other hand though, she couldn’t fully enjoy golfing because she didn’t like the golf wear she had to put on at that time. She was fashion-conscious teenager, just like all the other girls. She just couldn’t tell anyone in her class that she played golf, because of the boring golf wear. But the Japanese golf world, being strictly formal and traditional hated her piercing on the belly button. She however didn’t give in to this pressure against her, and here she is today!

Gal Sone (talent, competitive eater, singer, gourmet commentator) / / / / Nachu (SDN48 idol, comedian)

Kawanishi Miki (Popteen model) / / / / / / / / Hamada Britney (talent, mangaka)

Komori Jun (Popteen, PopSister, EDGE STYLE model) / / / / / / / / Wei Son (Popteen and PopSister model)

Kawabata Kanako (egg and Men’s egg model) / / / / / / / Obara Yuuka (egg, Men’s egg, Men’s egg Youth and JELLY model)

Hosoi Romihi (talent, egg model)/ / / / / / / / Kotobuki Rui (Popteen model)

Kanno Yui (former Popteen model, Popsister model) / / / / / / / / / Izuoka Misaki (Popteen model, singer)

Sakurai Rina (Ageha model, talent) / / / / / / / / Funayama Kumiko (Popteen model, talent)

Suzuki Emi (Seventeen model)/ / / / / / AKI (Japan gyaru mama association president)

Tanaka Aina and Takahashi Yuma (egg models) / / / / / / Sifow (singer)

Nishino Kana (J-pop princess) / / / / / / Tamogami Tomoko (columnist, ex-model)
For a while, I thought Kana was a gyaru model turned singer. My first video with her was WISE's Aenakutemo feat. Kana. The use of the models (which I assumed were her friends) in the video. Even in her Tokutemo, gyaru, lol. She's featured in many gyaru magazines and in fact, many young girls and gyaru copy her style. CNNGO considers Kana Nishino, gyaru's favorite new singer. Kana also dabbles a bit into bohemian style.

Masuwaka Tsubasa (singer, ‘queen of gyaru'l) / / / / Nozomi Tsuji (talent, ex-morning musume member)
Tsuji is regarded as a popular mama. She's popular among high school and middle school girls and has been featured I love mama, a gyaru mama magazine.

Important Gyaru

- Tsubasa Masuwaka

Name: Masuwaka Tsubasa
Nickname: Tsuu-chan, Tsubame
Birthdate: October 13th, 1985
Birthplace: Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture
Height: 150cm
Blood type: B
Family: Husband, Naoki Umeda and one son

Tsubasa Masuwaka debut to the Gyaru scene began when photos were taken of her, and appeared in many gyaru magazines such as Egg and Popteen. She joined as an official Popteen model, and soon became incredibly popular in the Gyaru scene. The February 2008 issue of Popteen became her last appearance, as she graduated to concentrate on being a wife and mother. However, you can't keep a queen down and after being away from the scene, she made a comeback, bigger and better than ever.

Tsubasa has her own brand of make-up, called Candy Doll. As well as a false eyelashes line, called Dolly Wink. She released a line of Circle Lenses, called Bambi Princess Mimi. She appeared in several commercials for very popular products, like Pocky. She promotes, and is the face of, the hair dye line Palty, which focuses on gyaru. She appeared in an advert for a perfume called Magic To Love, in which she sung a song of the same title. Some considered her singing debut, although it was never released as an official single. Her current singing career is her as Milky Bunny.

Tsubasa Masuwaka made her official singing debut in 2011 under the persona Milky Bunny. Her first single 'Bunny Days' was a success in the Gyaru scene. A limited edition CD included a Candy Doll lip gloss, and a shop in Japan sold limited edition 'Milky Bunny T-Shirts' after the single's release. Tsubasa has since stated that she will adopt the stage name Milky Bunny from now on, and will make all public appearances under that name.

- Sifow

Name: Sifow (Shiho Fujita)
Birthdate: May 11th, 1985
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture

It was around the time she reached the age of 19 that Fujita realized her public image was effecting her chances in life. As a gyaru (gal), she found that many people failed to take her seriously. Ganguro are usually seen as not caring about their future and only living the moment. For this reason, they are rarely taken seriously by society. In the beginning of 2005, others said she had a bad image. So she suffered from prejudice and started a blog because of it. She eyed her fashion, conduct and speech because others had doubts about her image. She re-found herself and felt she had resolved it calling it the "Gal Revolution". She cut herself off from society and wrote about her dreams on her blog. She decided she wanted a business and received a lot of support via readers of her blog. At only 19, she managed to make her own little business called "G-Revo". It was a journal of interviews and columns that were positive and served as a shout out to the younger generation, in particular males. After that she started to model and received a lot of exposure. During modeling sifow decided she wanted to be a singer, for it was one of her dreams. She changed her public name to sifow and debuted with her self-produced single I Uta in April of 2005.

Album: "CLAЯITY", "Love Spell"
Singles: "I Uta", "Mermaid Story", "Apple ~Ao Ringo~", "Apple ~Aka Ringo~", "CLOVER", "LOVE & PEACE", "Carat", "RULE", "Natsu Hanabi"

In early February 2008, sifow announced that her music career was to be put on an indefinite hiatus in order to open a school in 2010. She has taken to working in the agriculture industry.

source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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