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Details on upcoming Kou Shibasaki's single and DVD/Blu-Ray Disc + CM

Popular actress and singer Kou Shibasaki will be releasing her new single titled "Strength" on March 14th. The title track was used as the Kao "Asience" commercial song. Music by Kou Shibasaki

Limited Edition (¥1,575) CD+DVD

Tracklist :
  1. Strength
  2. Mou, Inai yo (もう、いないよ)
  3. Strength -Instrumental-
  4. Strength (Music Video)

Regular Edition (¥1,260) CD

Tracklist :

  1. Strength
  2. Mou, Inai yo (もう、いないよ)
  3. Strength -Instrumental-
Kao "Asience" CM

she has also announced that her first live DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) based on her Nippon Budoukan concert held back in November 28, 2011 will be released as “Kou Shibasaki Live Tour 2011 ‘CIRCLE & CYCLE’ 2011.11.28 Tour Final @ NIPPON BUDOKAN” on the same release date as her upcoming single.

The live DVD and BD will not only include all her performances that was based on her album, “CIRCLE CYCLE”, but also additional performances of “Tsuki no Shizuku” (which she released under the name RUI) and “Sai Ai” and “KISS shite” in which she performed with Fukuyama Masaharu under the unit name KOH+.It also includes the galaxias live (3 songs + Mukei Spirit remixed by TeddyLoid with him live DJing)

Price : 5695yen Pre-order @CDjapan

Source : 1, 2, 3, kou official twitter

YAAAASSSSSS fierce kween, so excited for this!!!! love her love her stuffs, preview sounds promising and the CM is cute. Those covers look cheap but she's gorgeous so w/e
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