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Kaku Kento to star in “Clover” drama adaptation

Earlier this month, it was announced that Hirakawa Tetsuhiro’s manga “Clover” is getting a live-action drama adaptation. The main cast has now been revealed, and young actor Kaku Kento (22) will be taking on role of the protagonist Hayato.

The story depicts the daily lives of three high school delinquents (Hayato, Tomoki, and Kenji) who renew their childhood friendship after Hayato returns to his hometown after a long time away. The three of them occasionally fight and get into trouble, but their friendship helps them overcome various obstacles.

Kaku plays Hayato, who is strong in fighting. Miura Takahiro and Suzunosuke have been cast as Tomoki and Kenji, respectively. Rising actress Arimura Kasumi plays a smart classmate named Akiyama Yui whose character is completely different outside of school.

Irie Yu, the director of the movie “SR: Saitama no Rapper,” will be in charge of the drama. This is his first time directing a television series.

TV Tokyo will broadcast “Clover” on Friday nights at 12:12am, starting on April 13.

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