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goo polls their users with questions on the sudden marriage of Akanishi Jin & Kuroki Meisa

The online and mobile portal goo (NTT DoCoMo) recently used their polling platform to ask their users about the sudden  marriage of Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa.

Of course the pregnancy has yet to be fully confirmed by either side, but nobody expects anything else after such a sudden and surprising announcement of their marriage.

How did the users of goo react towards the news? You can check out the results of the poll below!


Your thoughts on the sudden marriage of Akanishi Jin & Kuroki Meisa?

01 – 8828 votes – The news about her pregnancy surprised me.
02 – 7456 votes – That’s a shotgun marriage indeed!
03 – 3941 votes – How come so many celebrities are getting married these days?
04 – 2730 votes – Congratulations!
05 – 2471 votes – Recently a lot of people in their early twenties are getting married…
06 – 1704 votes – I’m a fan and it was a shock for me.
07 – 1366 votes – I think they are a well-matched couple.
08 – 0652 votes – I’m curious to follow both of their activities from now on.
09 – 0400 votes – I’m a fan and I’d like to give them my blessing.


So arama, which choice would you have picked?

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