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Takahashi Minami Responds to Her Mother's Arrest on no3b's Blog

Takahashi Minami spoke up for the first time today since her mother's arrest was exposed by Shukan Bunshun in early February.

In a post titled "This is Takahashi Minami" on no3b's official blog, she expressed gratitude towards supportive staff members and fans, and talked a little about what went through head since the incident.

Full translation:

Everyone - I am sorry that I waited this long to discuss this.

I have no excuses, and I am really sorry that I made everyone worry about me because of what happened.

And I am grateful for all the warm responses I received.

I did a lot of thinking this past week.

For instance, what should I do about this...

During times like these, if not for the supportive staff, the management, AKB members, and fans who sent me heart-warming messages, I would not be here today.

I know there are a lot of opinions.

I also can't help it, if some people think that it's better for me to not be in AKB.

But I want to stay.

After reading all the comments, letters, and after performing in the theater,

after all, I still want to be here.

One day, I will stand on my own and make my wish come true for everyone to see.

This is the best way for me to repay everyone's kindness.

I would be grateful and feel very fortunate if you will keep watching over me.

Thank you for your support.

-- Takahashi Minami


Here it is since, everyone was expecting management to ignore it.
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