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Koyuki makes her first public appearance after giving birth

On February 16th, actress Koyuki and director Martin Scorsese attended a press conference for the movie, “Yugo no Fushigi na Hatsumei“.

This event marked Koyuki’s first public appearance after giving birth to her first son last month. When reporters asked about her condition, Koyuki responded with a sweet smile.

During the conference, Koyuki gave the movie rave reviews. “Regardless of your age, it’s a movie that makes you forget about the real world, and draws you into director Scorsese’s magical world.” Scorsese replied, “I’m honored. It’s a movie anyone could enjoy. I want people from ages 7 to 108 to enjoy it.”

The movie is based on a best-selling novel by Brian Selznick. Set in Paris 1930, ‘Yugo no Fushigi na Hatsumei’ tells the story about a young boy named Hugo (Asa Butterfield), who lives alone in a train station’s clock tower. His only friend is a broken ‘mechanical doll’ that was left behind by his deceased father (Jude Law). While trying to fix it, Hugo meets a mysterious toy-seller named George (Ben Kingsley) and his goddaughter, Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz).

Koyuki commented, “It seems cliche to describe my impressions about the movie with one word, but the story, the script, everything is perfect. The 3D bits don’t come forward, rather, they support the depth of the work and its characters. It was like a dream.”

“Yugo no Fushigi na Hatsumei” will open in theaters on March 1st.

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