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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi to play a medical intern in new Fuji TV drama

Today it was announced that SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (37) is going to star in a new Fuji TV drama called ‘37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjou Monogatari~‘ next season.

The drama is inspired by a true story and portrays the hard struggles of a 37-year-old man who decided to quit his job as a salaryman at a food company and is now working as a medical intern at a university hospital.

Kusanagi commented, “I’m happy that I finally get to play the role of a doctor. Moreover it’s a true-to-life character at the same age as me and not some superhero doctor, which makes it an even greater role.

Physician and writer Kawafuchi Keiichi (52) serves as the inspiration for the character. After graduating from Tokyo University, he became a professional pachinko player and started to work for several companies. He even turned into a hikikomori (a shut-in) for a whole year, until he finally decided to get back on the right track and entered Kyoto University to study medicine at the age of thirty. At the age of thirty-seven he became a medical intern at a university hospital.

Kawafuchi wrote down his experiences and published two essay-like novels, one in 2002 and a sequel later in 2011. He commented, “Even before the casting of Kusanagi I thought to myself that he might be the perfect choice for this role. He has exactly the image of a man who looks quite unreliable at first, but turns to be pretty stubborn with a very strong conviction.

The drama is going to focus a lot on the harsh working conditions at a university hospital and the interaction with the patients. The protagonist is a man who wants to become ‘a real doctor’ and therefore often clashes with his superiors and teaching doctor that tend to be younger than himself. Therefore the producers also liked to emphasize that it’s not a medical drama, but a hospital drama.

Although the title may suggest a connection to the ‘Boku‘ series starring Kusanagi, which has already spawned three touching dramas and one movie, the producers explained that this isn’t the case. They stated, “The ‘Boku’ series ended with the movie ‘Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari‘. This new drama isn’t part of the series.

Fuji TV is going to air ‘37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku‘ every Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

Sources: Sanspo [2] & tokyohive

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