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Random UFA people: Up Up Girls plan to release first single "Going My ↑" + a bit of info.

Up Up Girls is an UFA group made up of former Hello!Pro Eggs Sengoku Minami (20), Furukawa Konatsu (19), Mori Saki (18), Sato Ayano (17), Saho Akari (16), Sekine Azusa (15), and Arai Manami (14). They regularly perform at various venues.

They also go by the name UFZS, which is a kpop dance cover group, although they've recently started singing as well. They have announced that they plan to eventually debut in Korea, but there is no official date.

Here they are performing their new single 
"Going My ↑":

4minute's "Hot Issue"

T-ara's "YaYaYa" and "Roly Poly"

After School's "Bang!" 

Sources: 1, 2, 3

Please keep the crying about Akari to a minimum, kthx.
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