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A documentation of Johnny Kitagawa’s alleged past Part 2

Johnny & Associates didn’t start out as an entertainment production company. It started out as a baseball team called “Johnny’s Gundan.” Many fans might not know about it now, but back in the ’60s, around 30 or so young men came together in Yoyogi Park to play baseball. And a young Johnny Kitagawa was their coach. The first group under J&A was Johnny’s. This team was made up for 4 childhood friends: Iino Osami, Aoi Teruhiko, Nakatani Ryo, and Maie Hiromi.

In 1961, the four of them were invited by Johnny to watch the movie West Side Story. They were so touched by the movie that they said they wanted to start dancing too! So they took the name Johnny’s from Johnny’s Gundan.

Johnny’s is the first idol group produced by Johnny Kitagawa, but they were also the first group of young boys to have suffered through Johnny’s sexual harassment.

The book, “Johnny’s no Gyakushu” was published in Oct of ‘89. It was another expose book like Kita Koji’s book earlier. The author was said to be Johnny’s but it wasn’t all four members, only Nakatani Ryo himself. He picked that name because he felt that it was part of the four members’ history and belonged to them. He wanted to write about the greed and sex that happened behind the scenes and the rage he felt towards Johnny himself.

The draw of this book is basically the claims of Kitagawa’s questionable behavior towards young boys. Nakatani claimed that they all went through a ceremony, and once, an 11yr old boy within the baseball team was also the target of molestation from Johnny.

Johnny was the coach of the baseball team and the four of them would often go to his house after school. There, he would prepare snacks from America, toys, and audio equipment for them to play with as they pleased. And once, Nakatani went to play at Johnny’s house by himself, and that’s when he was met with Johnny’s true intention. “If you do this, it feels good.” Johnny would say as he stroke Nakatani to ejaculation. 

The other three members also met with similar treatment but they didn’t feel that they were victims during the time. At first, they’d joke that Johnny is “just another strange old man.” And Nakatani even said himself that he didn’t know how important sexual behaviors were, so he didn’t really feel violated.

When I got older, I realized how different my experience was from other people’s. That came as a huge shock to me.

And Nakatani later fell to drugs to deal with such trauma. With the number of ex-Johnny’s present that have drug problems, how can people not see that there wasn’t something wrong with this agency?

(Source: cyzowoman.com) translated by uso-ippai

Since part 1 was posted earlier, we should continue with part 2 just so that new fans can see the inner workings of Johnny's Jimusho...interesting read..
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