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Six Female Group Records Hold by AKB48

AKB48′s Give Me Five! reaches 1,287,000 copies sales in its first week, topping the oricon weekly chart and is ranked 4th at all-time first week sales ranking. Also being the 7th single to reach a million, AKB48 renews their own records.

Six female group records that AKB48 currently hold:

-Total sales: 13,155,000 copies
    *Morning Musume: 11,808,000 copies
-★ First week total sales: 1,354,000 copies (Flying Get)
    *SPEED: 601,000 copies (All My True Love)
-☆ Works that reach ‘million’: 7
    *Pink Lady: 5
-☆ Works that reach ‘million’ consecutively: 6
    *Pink Lady: 5
-Total works charting at first rank: 12
    *Morning Musume: 11
-Total works charting at first rank consecutively: 12
    *Pink Lady: 9

★ is also an all-time record including male-female group and solo singers.
☆ is also an all-time record including female solo singers.
* is the previous record holder.

Source: Oricon, AKB48Journal
Hate them or love them, the numbers speak. 

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