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Kanjani8 to release a dome tour DVD in March

On February 19th, it was revealed that Kanjani8 will release a dome tour DVD titled, “KANJANI 8: Godai Dome TOUR EIGHTXEIGHTER” on the 21st of March.

This upcoming DVD will feature their five dome tour performances from last year including concert segments from Kyocera Dome. This DVD will also mark their first big project for their 8th anniversary as Kanjani8 as well. This DVD will be released in three versions: Regular Edition, First Press Limited Edition, and in Blu-ray as well. In addition to the concert DVD, the limited edition version will also enclose a special 60-page photo book and even a 3-hour behind-the-stage footage from their concert in a separate DVD.

Stayed tuned for more information this DVD as we get closer to its release date!

Source: Tokyohive
            Nikkan Sports
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