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aiko reveals cover jacket + track list for new video clip collection

Singer-songwriter aiko has unveiled the cover jacket and track list for her upcoming video clip collection, “Utau Inu 4“!

This will be aiko’s first video collection in about 5 and a half years, with her last being “Utau Inu 3” back in September of 2006. “Utau Inu 4″ will contain all 10 PVs from her singles “Kumo wa Shiro Ringo wa Aka” to “Mukai Awase“. It will also include the PV for “beat“, which is the lead track off of her latest album, “BABY“.

The cover jacket was illustrated by aiko herself. It’s cute design features a singing dog and a girl on a wood grain pattern.

Check out the cover jacket and track list below!


<Utau Inu 4>

01. Kumo wa Shiro Ringo wa Aka
02. Shiawase
03. Hoshi no Nai Sekai
04. Yokogao
05. Futari
06. KissHug
07. milk
08. Nageki no Kiss
09. Modorenai Ashita
10. beat
11. Mukai Awase

Source & Image: natalie & tokyohive

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