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Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!

London Boots #1&2’s Tamura Atsushi is rumored to be dating Yano Mikiko. The two of them even went on a Hawaiian vacation together during the new years. But in actuality, it seems rumors have surfaced that the two of them has broken up and some people have even speculated that Atsushi has gotten back with Amuro Namie.

“Tamura and Yano won’t stop fighting. So Tamura started putting some distance between them.” Said a tv insider.

Atsushi has proclaimed that his goal for the year is not to break up with his girlfriend, it seems that he has already failed. 

“When Yano drinks, she ends up fighting with Atsushi. She’s the total opposite to Namie and it seems she herself doesn’t feel as strongly towards Atsushi as before.”

On the other hand, a music insider connected to Namie said that her recent single for Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyu might be about Tamura. It’s not that the two of them wanted to break up, but it was because the two of them were too busy to work on their relationship. 

“That’s why right now people have been saying they’re starting to talk again.”

(Source: purichou.blog66.fc2.com) & uso-ippai
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