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BACK-ON Announces Tour Starting June

KENJI03, who is newly married Koda Kumi, is part of the band BACK-ON and they will go on tour in June. The BACK-ON LIVE TOUR 2012 will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya as well as in Osaka.

After the resignation of their drummer ICCHAN back in October, the now four man group decided to start off anew with a tour. The tour will start on June 16th at the Osaka Shinsaibashi AVENUE A continuing on the 17th at the Aichi ell.SIZE and ending on the 24th at the Tokyo Shibuya O-Crest holding their live in three places.

This year will be the 10th anniversairy for BACK-ON and KENJI03 said, "This year we will be down to only four members, but this will give us a wider range of possibilities. We still have what it takes to rock it and we want you to take a look with your own eyes at our live tour in June."

Just before the tour, a new single is set to be released.


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