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Flaweless Ladies of BRIGHT teases you about their 3rd Album

2 New short videos have been uploaded on AVEX's youtube channel, one is a mash-up of BRIGHT's last singles that will be included into their self-titled 3rd album:

The other is a short PV for their Orange Range cover of 花 (Hana, which is really amusing because they already have a song titled FLOWER).
Don't let their first seconds trick you...

I told you! There's more than just Nanaka in here... The PV will be included in the CD + DVD edition of the album (You've got the full tracklist in this Arama post

Here you've got the original song, performed by Orange Range:

Their last biased Nanaka single, at least managed to enter Oricon's top 10 on its first day... later it fell out, but still charted better than BAD GIRL

To celebrate the upcoming release, the website has changed its header (which was themed with the last single's photoshoot) with this stunning view:

It has a center button that will lead you to different links where you can buy the album. 
If you have the money and like it, remember you can also pre-order it on CD Japan, Yes Asia, HMV Japan and Amazon Japan. Also if you can manage Japanese, you have Mu-Mo shop.

The site has more new headers featuring all the ladies:





Release date is March 21st

Source: BRIGHT official site, AVEX official Youtube Channel
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