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Morning Musume 1st Gen Member Ishiguro Aya To Be At Dream Morning Musume's Budokan Concert

After years of not having anything(on stage) to do with other former Morning Musume members, Ishiguro Aya a.k.a Ayappe, will finally be standing on the same stage as her former bandmates again. Ishiguro along with Tsuji Nozomi have been confirmed to appear as guests at Dream Morning Musume's Budokan concert along with all the other current Morning Musume members.

Despite no longer performing with the OGs, Ayappe keeps a rather good relation with the agency, remains in contact with some of the elder girls and made backstage appearances during the Elder Club concerts.

Rumor has it that the title of the tour 'Daiisshou Shuumaku ~ Yuushatachi , Shuugouseyo' "The end of the first chapter ~ Heroes, Time to Gather" implies Tsunku's intention to bring all the Musumes back at least for one night.

Getting Ai-chan, Eririn, KonKon or even JunLin won't be that hard; but GoMaki might still want to stay out of the public eyes; Sayaka and Asuka might want nothing to do with them; Aibon's appearance is almost impossible. 

Well, it's still gonna be the biggest Musume gathering yet.

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