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Aya Ueto & Hiroshi Abe @ 'Thermae Romae' Rome premiere!

On February 22, Hiroshi Abe (47) and Aya Ueto (26) attended the premiere of their upcoming film "Thermae Romae", held at Cinema The Space in Rome, Italy. Also in attendance was the film's director, Hideki Takeuchi, who joined the pair in a stage greeting. The audience, comprised mostly of local Italians, were greeted in Italian by both Abe and Ueto.

Before the screening, Abe expressed feeling anxious over how well the Japanese humour would translate to an Italian audience. However, once the screening began, the crowd in attendance seemed enthused with Abe's emotional portrayal and Ueto's comedic chops, as they erupted in laughter throughout the film.

The moment the credits finished rolling, the crowd began cheering "Bravo!" and even gave Abe and Ueto a standing ovation, to which Ueto commented, "From the bright expression on your faces, I can tell that you all enjoyed the film thoroughly so I am very happy."

After the screening, the audience members continued to shower the film with compliments and positive feedback. "I came (to the premiere) because I'm a fan of the original manga and I was very pleased with this film adaptation, it was wonderful!", said a 16-year-old student. "We are really happy. It was worth coming all the way to Rome," expressed another spectator.

"Thermae Romae" is set to hit theaters in Japan on April 28.

source: Cinematoday
translation: baboona

posing as propaganda tourists, how qt <3

Hiroshi & Aya in Rome:

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