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Erika Sawajiri sucks at sex scenes?

Now that Ninagawa Mika has wrapped up filming her latest film, Helter Skelter, starring Sawajiri Erika. Rumors have been flying about what happened on the set. From going to work 2 hrs late and keeping everyone waiting without a single word of apology, to not being able to perform the graphic sexual acts in the manga. Rumor has it the film will have threesomes, lesbian sex scenes, and even a nude scene! All involving the saucy actress.

Sawajiri plays Ririko, a famous model who went through some drastic plastic surgery in order to achieve fame and apparently there are tons of sex scenes in the movie! The thing is though, Sawajiri sucks at sex. She sucks so much at actual sex that she doesn’t even do a good job at pretending. 

When director Ninagawa showed a cut of a sex scene to some female staff, they all said that Sawajiri sucks at sex. Why? They said she looked awkward, and it took her a lot of takes in order to get the scenes right. In fact, some acts she just outright refused to act out, even though she said that she’s willing to challenge her comfort zone in order to deliver a good performance. The thing that gets them the most? No matter where the other actor touches, Erika would simply go, “An~” instead of making any other sounds. When the actor sucked her nipple, she didn’t give any reaction even though it got hard.

Her rumored Spanish boyfriend even blabbed to a tabloid about how much she sucks at sex. Apparently she’s not like other Japanese girls, and would say no to many things he asked of her in bed. He thought she’d be fiery and passionate like a volcano, but apparently she was as stiff as a frozen maguro (tuna.)

Terajima Shinobu was said to be pissed at Sawajiri for not apologizing after being two hours late and showing up with a headache. Another actress, Momoi Kaori, was so disturbed by how stiff Sawajiri was that she asked, “Has she never seduced a man before?”

(Source: azashi.seesaa.net) translated by uso-ippai

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