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NYC’s Nakayama Yuma to voice act for Japanese dubbed version of “John Carter”

On February 22nd, NYC’s Nakayama Yuma (18) attended the premiere event for the Hollywood film, “John Carter“, in Los Angeles, California.

“John Carter” is a live-action adventure film by Disney that will open in theaters across Japan on April 13th. It tells a story about a former military captain named Carter, who is mysteriously transported to Mars and is involved in a conflict with the inhabitants of the planet. Nakayama will be providing the voice of ‘Edgar’ in the Japanese dubbed version of the movie.

As his first time walking the red carpet, Nakayama expressed, “I enjoyed every step I took.” He also showed motivation for a Hollywood debut saying, “If there will be a sequel, I absolutely want to star in it.

Nakayama, who will be graduating from high school this spring, revealed that he will be going to Komazawa University. “From here on, I want to manage both my college life and entertainment activities,” he said.

Source: Sanspo via tokyohive

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