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Manabe Kaori dating singer Yoshii Kazuya

During Thursday’s live broadcast of Fuji TV’s morning news show “Tokudane!,” talento Manabe Kaori (31) publicly confirmed rumors that she is currently in a relationship with singer Yoshii Kazuya (45).

This week’s issue of FRIDAY, which went on sale the same day, reported on Manabe and Yoshii’s relationship. The article contained photos of Manabe entering Yoshii’s apartment building, as well as photos of her being driven to work by Yoshii in his Mercedes Benz.

Yoshii was once the lead vocalist of the rock band The Yellow Monkey (known to fans as “Yemon”). Manabe has reportedly been a fan of the band since her junior high school days. One source says that they met through a mutual friend last fall, and they instantly hit it off. Shortly after that, Manabe was reportedly seen in the audience at Nippon Budokan on December 28, during the final show of Yoshii’s nationwide tour.

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