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More Rumors about Nakajima Tomoko's Condition

Last week, Nakajima Tomoko was officially let go from her four regular hosting gig on NTV and TBS. So all the people hoping she’ll go back on Himitsu no Arashi-chan, well she’s not going to be on there. But! Matsushima is still slated to return in April. Rumors have also come out about how she has continued to gain weight since her hiatus. The psychic’s mom and aunt were seen at a department store buying XXL-sized underwear which are obviously not their size. Some even speculate that her weight is over 100kg now (that’s over 200lbs.)

And Matsushima Nahomi has come under fire for keeping her silence on the matter. Her ameblo blog is updated frequently with her gushing about how happy she is now that she has had her baby. The only comment she made about her partner is that she wishes she’ll get well and go back on tv ASAP. A lot of netizens said the comment came off as cold-hearted since Nakajima is her partner, and not some stranger.

Now, we also find out what the psychic’s real job is… get ready for it… she writes erotic fiction! Remember when Nakao Akira made that comment about how the lady was introduced as a writer? Well it wasn’t a coverup. She actually does write erotic fiction for a living.

Nakajima also introduced her to many other famous people. Her rate is around 5000yen for half an hour for a normal person and 30,000yen for a session if you’re famous. Work has also come out that Nakajima is going to be evicted from her apartment come April. With an alleged 100,000,000yen savings that Nakajima had before her hiatus, how much has been eaten up by her psychic? People are saying that the eviction might be the chance for people to rescue Nakajima from the mind-control because that would be the time when she truly runs out of money.

Another event that came to light since last week is that, last year, her management agency sent a representative to her apartment to discuss her future. She ended up spitting in the representative’s face because she blamed her management for her downfall and psychiatric problems.

For those that are wondering when this all started, apparently it was after the breakup with her boyfriend (who was a married man). He left her to go back to his wife and that’s when she became closer to the psychic.


Seriously, this is a slow day for news.. But I can't believe the psychic's real job. wtf?
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