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Mr.Children 's new song "INORI ~ Namida no kidou" Full radio Rip !

As we know that Very popular band Mr.Children has announced that they will  release a new single on April 18th!

Their new single, titled “Inori ~Namida no Kidou / End of the day / pieces“, will be their first in about 3 years and 7 months. “Inori ~ Namida no Kidou” and “pieces” are the theme songs to Ikuta Toma and Yoshitaka Yuriko’s upcoming movie, “Bokura ga Ita“.

And for one of their new song "Inori ~ Namida no kidou"

Check it out !!

INORI ~Namida no kidou~

this song is the theme songs for upcoming movie ‘Bokura ga Ita‘, which will be released in next month March 17th

Bokura ga Ita’ is a live-action adaptation of Obata Yuki’s popular manga. Starring by Ikuta Toma and Yoshitaka Yuriko

The movie will be released in two parts for the spring; the first part will hit theaters on March 17th, and the latter half will be released on April 21st. Mr. Children will sing for both films, and “Inori~ Namida no Kidou” has been chosen to be the theme song for part 1. ,and  “pieces” for part 2

GREAT SONG !! ..Great lyric XD

Can't wait for their new single !

Hope they will promote this Single on TV show !!

Source : Youtube
Data Credit : Tokyohive I & II

Ps. Mr.Children 's current rumors   from Tabloids and any websites really make me laugh ,lol wwwww

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