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Kana Tachibana joining Shirota Yuu's tour

Most of you would like me to say Shirota Yuu going on tour. But well, some news were already post on his upcoming album, and this time the news is the fact ex-DREAM former member Kana Tachibana will appear for the first time ever she left her former group as a soloist in a stage, something she's really excited about.

Since the ex-DREAM former member (and last one to leave the group) is collaborating on Yuu’s upcoming album with a song, she’s joining the singer and actor into his tour Love & Peace Tour 2012 Starting from March 2nd. The singer will be at Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka's venues. Tokyo's venue is already sold out but Nagoya's (March 3rd) and Osaka's (March 9th) have still tickets on sell.

The album is going to be released on March 7th

It’ll be the first public appearence as a soloist ever since Kana left DREAM. She’s currently under LDH, and as far as we know, she’s training for her solo project along with some other girls that were chosen at the same auditionFLOWER last additions and BUNNY members were chosen.

Here the info on Shirota Yu's album

Source: Shirota Yu's Twitter | Kana Tachibana's official blog

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