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More details on Ryo's drama “Papa wa Idol”

member Nishikido Ryo (27) is confirmed to star in a new drama series on TBS this spring. Tentatively titled “Papa wa Idol,” the show will have Nishikido playing himself.

“Papa wa Idol” is a remake of the 1987 drama series “Mama wa Idol,” which starred singer and actress Nakayama Miho (41) as herself. In this version, Nishikido naturally plays the part of Nishikido Ryo, a member of Kanjani8. One day, he meets a single mother of three children, and he suddenly falls in love and gets married. Yuka (31) will play the part of the mother.

The series will also have various other members of Kanjani8 appearing as themselves. 9nine member Kawashima Umika (17) will play the part of the oldest daughter.

There are plans to have the show tied in with TBS news shows, magazines, and other media.

“Papa wa Idol” will air on Thursdays at 9:00pm, beginning this April.

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“パパはアイドル! (Papa wa Idol!)” is a male version of the 1987 drama series “ママはアイドル! (Mama wa Idol!)”.  The comedy follows pop star Ryo Nishikido, who gets married to a single mother with three kids, and he goes to all lengths to win their acceptance.  However, his talent agency Johnny’s orders that he either must divorce or retire within three months, and if words gets out he is married then he will be asked to retire immediately.

It has been reported Nishikido had said playing himself would be a new experience.
“I feel nervous about it, but I think there’s a lot I can learn.  It’ll be fun shoot it and see the difference between how people see me and how I see myself.”

 The Kanjani8 star said he hoped the other members would be themselves, but not too much.

“The other members are coming on as themselves too.  I hope us losers won’t put off the people watching the show…  But I just think it would be best if they all acted as themselves,” he said.

 According to some sources at TV company TBS, who are making the drama, the drama will be as true as it can be to Nishikido’s and other pop stars’ real-life schedule.

Other real-life appearances will include actors, talents, and musicians.

 Some of the people who will not be making real-life appearances include Kanjani8′s managers.

 Finally, with the drama beginning with Ryo Nishikido’s sudden marriage, what are the chances of it happening in real life?

“Honestly, I can’t see it happening.  But when we wrap up the series, I might have something to say about it,” Nishikido said.

Source: momoedgewood

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