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9:24 pm - 02/28/2012

KAT-TUN Break The Records again!

It was revealed that popular group KAT-TUN’s 6th original album, “CHAIN” (released on February 22nd), topped the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking for March 5th with its first week sales of 110,000 copies!

This feat will mark their sixth consecutive album to top the Oricon Album Charts since their first album, “Best of KAT-TUN” (released in March 2006). This record has surpassed rock band The Checker’s record of topping five consecutive albums and with this, KAT-TUN broke the record for the first time in 24 years.

“CHAIN” is their newest album after one year and eight months, since their June 2010 release of “NO MORE PAIN” and will include 17 songs in this jam-packed CD.

Congratulations for this incredible feat, KAT-TUN!


50-50 feelings ngl, sales are decreasing as I expected ;__; . but this is one of their best album so w/e, congrats KAT-TUN and Hyphens

kane_0306 28th-Feb-2012 03:29 pm (UTC)
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