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Ready for another chapter of the Jin AkanishixMeisa Kuroki saga?

We all know Akanishi Jin is married to Kuroki Meisa. We also know that certain people are not so happy with how he handled the situation. There are also certain senpais (cough cough Ninomiya Kazunari) out there who might or might not be super mad at him for cockblocking their pending marriages and drinking parties. What we don’t know is that ever since Jin returned back to Japan, he has become the victim of bullying!

“Recently, people have been putting condoms in his bag or on his cell phone. You know… to hint that he should use protection next time he decides to have sex.”

He has also been getting no respect from his juniors. People have also been spamming his cell phone mail box with cruel messages.

“Usually he’d get encouragement from Nishikido Ryo or Yamashita Tomohisa, but they haven’t been contacting him either. None of his friends are contacting him, he’s totally alienated from everyone.”

Even worse, people in his agency are already speculating when he’ll divorce his wife.“They’d bet on when they’re going to divorce during dinner. More than half of them gave them less than 3 years. So really, there was nothing to bet on.”

So why aren’t other Johnny’s talents wishing Jin a happy marriage?

“TOKIO’s Kokubun Taichi was lined up to married next within the agency but Jin totally cut to the front of the line and ignored that established rule. As a result, there will be no marriages within the near future. It seems that Taichi already told the agency a year in advance. So when other Johnny’s talents heard about that, they were of course pissed on Taichi’s behalf. Even now, they’re still up in arms about this issue.”

I dare y'all to find a tv show more entertaining than this.

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