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Saeko reveals a two shot with ex-husband Darvish Yu

Talento Saeko recently revealed a snapshot with her ex-husband Darvish Yu on her official blog.

Saeko titled the update “BEST FRIEND”, and wrote, “Although we have separated, he will always be an important person.

Saeko and Darvish Yu filed for divorce on January 19th. However, it seems like the two are on good terms and continue to meet with each other.

Saeko also revealed that Darvish often gives her advice when she is feeling down. She expressed, “I’m grateful for Yu-kun, who continues to support me even now.

Many fans were relieved, while others were taken by surprise to see that the two were getting along so well after the divorce.

Source: Cinema Today
Image: Saeko Official Blog & tokyohive

Tags: actor/actress, sports

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