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Foo Fighters Cancel Japan Tour 5

It has been four years since the American rock band, Foo Fighters, have done a Japan tour. Although it was planned to happen next month, the band announced that they will cancel their tour.

The Foo Fighters are a popular band not only in America, but in Japan as well. The band expressed that they were truly sorry for canceling their tour and that it is a total waste. The vocal/guitarist Dave Grohl had a diagnosis of his throat and after careful analysis was told that he wouldn't be able to sing at their upcoming tour. Dave Grohl said that he was very sorry to discourage all of their fans, but that the Foo Fighters would try to come back to Japan in the near future.

The following are what have been canceled:
March 5th @ Tokyo Shibuya-AX
March 7th @ Yokohama Arena7
March 8th @ Zepp Sendai
March 9th @ Zepp Nagoya
March 11th @ Zepp Osaka

*Tickets for the tour between March 5th and April 8th will be refunded via PLAYGUIDE.


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