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A couple underatted artist/FEBURARY 2012

Not a bunch, but who cares when your about to disover Sally Miura and Norimasa Fujisawaa
and if you already know them, then your already aware of how  AMAZING they are!
I highly recommend you push the play button!

Shiroi Ringo no Hana ft.Double K- Sally Miura
Released: Feb. 8

Ready Go!- Sissy
*this is actually their debut single, but it's included in there first album(Ultra Pop)
latest single here
Ultra Pop release: Feb. 1

Case;A - Eve
Released:Feb. 8

forget me not- winnie
Release: Feb. 8

Mirai no Bokura e - Norimasa Fujisawa
Release: Feb.22

Not a Love Song-Ayaka Hirahara
Single Released: Feb.1
Album Release: Feb. 29

Sayonara MY LOVE Feat. Maiko Nakamura
Release: Feb. 29

watch here

if you guys know or find any more releases of this month feel free to post it w/your comments^^

why does Sally remind me of Kana with chubbier cheeks XD
I am official a Norimasa Fujisawa fan<3 I shall post up his live when i find it!
Not a love song is my 3rd fav. from all these, and i am slowly loving jrock

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Tags: epic post, music/musician, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), music/musician (j-urban), pv

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