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Alisa Mizuki to star as detective in drama series "Answer"

Actress and singer Alisa Mizuki (35) has landed another starring role in a drama series. This spring, she will play a police detective for the first time in "Answer: Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan" on Wednesday nights on TV Asahi.

This will be Mizuki's 24th starring role in a television drama series. Since 1992, she has starred in at least one drama series every year. "Answer" has been scheduled for TV Asahi's Wednesday 9:00pm time slot, which has a strong reputation for popular detective dramas, including "Aibou", "Keishichou Sousa Ikka 9 Gakari", and "Rinjo".

Mizuki will play the part of Akira Shinkai, an officer at police headquarters whose career has fallen off the promotion track due to a certain case. As a result, she gets assigned to the Evidence Division. Although the division originally played the critical role of re-verifying evidence in order to prevent the possibility of false charges, its duties now simply consist of stamping reports from the investigation divisions. While the other members in the Evidence Division have lost their enthusiasm for their work, Akira takes it upon herself to revitalize the team.

Supporting cast members have not yet been announced. The series will premiere sometime in April.


Time to update her Guinness world record!
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