Rio (tokyocinema) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

A Meisa-centric mini chapter in the JinxMeisa Saga

With her shotgun marriage to Akanishi Jin, Kuroki Meisa is in a big pinch. People are worried that she will soon be forced out of the entertainment industry.

Her agency has been floated with complaints about the pregnant starlet. Sponsors have been telling them that they can’t have her as their spokesperson come next advertising season. There have even been talks of asking for reparations for possible loss.

After the announcement of her marriage, Meisa has been canceling all her previously scheduled TV show appearances. But there is an end to that tunnel, apparently one particular industry is extremely interested in Ms. Kuroki.

“The publishing industry is very interested in Meisa posing nude for them while pregnant. Right now, she’s only 2-3 months pregnant, so she’s not showing. Later on in her pregnancy, when she has that baby bump, they’re really interested in her posing nude. They’ve even talked with her agency about the possibility of her posing topless, or at least mostly nude. Many publishing companies have already made offers.” This is according to a publishing insider.

When singer Hitomi posed nude while pregnant for her CD cover and photobook in 2009, it was a big hit. “That photobook sold a lot, so they’re looking to have a repeat of that hit.”

“TV stations will find it hard to cast her because her agency wasn’t able to properly control her. Even though she has only messed up once, it’s hard for her agency to say let things slide.” Said a tabloid writer.


Tags: akanishi jin, meisa kuroki

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