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Update on Nakajima Tomoko's Situation

Much like the last article, this one will not have a source because it’s a compilation of the past week’s articles about her.

Nakajima Tomoko, who is still yet to be seen in public, is alleged to be completely broke. So broke that she attempted to have someone try to sell her expensive hot pink French designer sofa to a recycle shop. Unfortunately, the shop staff told the person that they cannot buy it unless the actual owner shows up. Then, her sofa showed up on Yahoo! Auctions only to be taken down hours later.

Her partner, Matsushima Nahomi, finally spoke out about her situation. She said that if she could, she would chase down the psychic and beat her silly. But right now, she has to think about what is best for Nakajima’s psychological state so she can only show her concerns. She also said that she cannot forgive the psychic for what she has done to her partner. But people have also said that Nakajima’s current state can be partly attributed to her jealousy towards Matsushima’s marital bliss.

There are also news that Nakajima’s dad finally got to talk to his daughter, and might’ve brought her out of her self-imposed prison. Although the psychic and her relatives’ location are unknown. Rumors also have it that Nakajima’s bank account has been wiped out. The woman currently has 0yen to her name.

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