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Aya Ueto and Tsubasa Imai to star together in SP drama?

A source who attended a conference featuring author Setsuo Yazaki, reports that a biopic on Japanese poet Misuzu Kaneko will start filming in March. Set to star in the role of Kaneko is none other than Aya Ueto. Tsubasa Imai and Reiko Takashima, who are also said to be attached to the project, will be playing Kaneko's husband and mother.

The life of Misuzu Kaneko was last brought to TV ten or so years ago in the TBS drama "Akarui Hou e, Akarui Hou e", in which she was played by Takako Matsu. The tanpatsu drama, tentatively titled "Minna Chigatte, Minna Ii" is rumored to be scheduled to air sometime in June.

In case you didn't know already, Misuzu Kaneko is the poet whose poem "Kodama deshou ka?" ("Is it an echo?") was featured in the AC Japan PSA (narrated by the beautiful UA) that aired repetitively throughout the weeks following the Tohoku disaster:

No doubt the sudden resurgence of her poem and the positive response to it is what got the ball rolling on this biopic.

source: me and this blog entry

I hope it's true <3

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