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Kuu talks about her struggle with love and her career with Blenda

She lives true to herself and shines with an overwhelming charm. A songstress that Japan is proud of: KODA KUMI

She’s a diva who always blows a fresh wind through the world of J-Pop: Koda Kumi-san draws attention to the image of a cool, sexy and at times charming woman. She announced her marriage late last year. She shares her secret to “shining truly” in fashion, love and work.

Q. What to do when you hit a wall?
“It’s important to persevere and believe you can overcome your obstacles. Believe in yourself and you’ll be fine!

Q. What’s needed to be your true self?
“Don’t be swayed by people’s opinions. Cherish your family, friends and lover and you will find your true self.”

You need to believe in yourself and never give up in order to make your dreams come true.

“These days I think that, both in relationships and at work, the more things you gain the more things you have to sacrifice.” She debuted 12 years ago. She has many enthusiastic fans that are inspired by her fashion and words: Koda Kumi-san is influential.

“Saying that I feel the need to praise myself would be an exaggeration but when I look back on these 12 years I feel that hard work pays off. It’s like the saying: from small beginnings come great things. The word “ero-kakkoi” became popular. When I was criticized for my sexy outfits, my boyfriend at the time encouraged me and I consulted my mother while desperately trying to establish my own style. But my boyfriend and I were different types. If I hadn’t been blessed with my wonderful staff and fans who accept me, I doubt I’d be standing where I’m standing now. Thinking back now, the more “Koda Kumi” pushed, the more “Kuu-chan” felt sad and restrained herself – I often made sacrifices, especially in my love life. Love is crucial to a person’s growth and it gives you many things, but I always placed “Koda Kumi” first in the end. But I was able to experience great things at work and meet great people thanks to placing her first. While establishing my own solid style, I was able to meet my wonderful husband. It’s important to believe in yourself when you’re having a difficult time. Don’t be swayed by people’s opinions. Never compromise on the things you want to protect.”

Her consistent conviction is widely supported by women who want to be strong, sexy and feminine. “Even though there are changes going on in my private life and I’ll be turning 30, I want to be a sexy, cool woman that other women look up to. I definitely don’t want to become meek.” Her new album JAPONESQUE is filled with this fighting spirit of hers.

“I chose JAPONESQUE as title because I wanted to show that this album has the power to stand up to both Japanese and Western music. I wanted to make songs that could be played all over the world. This is my 10th album and I also feel the desire to return to my starting point. I worked on this album with a bold, confident attitude and I think the album has many songs that make you feel stronger. I hope this album will encourage listeners when they feel insecure or sad or when they think: “I want to be a strong, cool woman!” When we stick to our believes, try new things and are truly in love, we sometimes think: “I’m tired”, right? But I know those experiences will definitely turn into a positive power. I hope I will never give up and never forget to be kind.”

Q. What makes a man wonderful?
“He doesn't need to have money, status or looks. What’s important is that his heart is beautiful.”

Q. The advantage of being in love?
“If you’re with a wonderful man, all things in life start to shine.”

Q. How to be a natural and beautiful woman?
“Pride is only necessary at work. Reveal your true self in front of your lover and friends.

Q. Koda Kumi’s policy?
“To continue to be unique

source: Blenda magazine, translated by verduistering@lj

she is like Aphrodite *__*
goddess of love <3

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