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New Band Fuses Acting, Visual Kei, K-POP

At the February 29th concert of K-POP group ZE:A at Shibuya Public Hall, suddenly the theater went dark. On the screen appeared the mysterious text: “For Asia in 2012, a new entertainment unit will start activity!!”.

In the silence, next on the screen came the popular actor who played Shiroishi Kuranosuke in the “Prince of Tennis” musical, who is active in film and theater as well as TV drama: Sasaki Yoshihide.

The second person to appear became popular in the visual kei band “MASQERADE”, and has been recently active as the vocalist in the electro rock unit α【:alpha】: Nikaido Hayato.

And when it came to the third person, Min Woo of ZE:A, a K-POP band also hugely popular in Japan, the venue stirred with mixed voices of cheer and commotion.

After the video, the three members came on stage together. Here, they announced the formation of the new unit “3Peace☆Lovers”.

By bridging the divide for activities, “3Peace☆Lovers”, three people with different birthplaces and scenes of activity, creates a fresh music scene. After Min Woo’s speech to his fans and Nikaido Hayato and Sasaki Yoshihide’s sincere enthusiasm for the project, the other members of ZE:A that had come on stage surrounded Min Woo, and when he reported his intention to put great effort into his activities with ZE:A as well as 3Peace☆Lovers, the commotion in the seats turned into great cheers of anticipation before long.

Making this project possible is the up-and-coming music producer, Vomos, who produced the “GHOST IN THE SHELL” PSP soundtrack and projects like visual kei band “Chome Shelled” born from the Kadokawa anime “CHROME SHELLED REGIOS”. Since then, he also produced the popular Niconico singer “Sekihan” “Route 5″, and on April 28th and 29th this year will work on sound production for “Niconico Douga Cho-Kaigi” at Makuhari MESSE.

The circumstances of this new formation will be introduced on March 16th at 1:21 AM on TV Asahi’s “BreakOut”.

From Japan to Asia and then the world, there are high hopes for “3Peace☆Lovers”, from which we can anticipate completely new high-grade entertainment. First, access their official site, and check the video on their twitter.

3Peace☆Lovers Official Site

3Peace☆Lovers Official Twitter

3Peace☆Lovers Official Blog
3/3 Open!

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