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Seven beautiful gravure idols become the new Lotte Zacrich ice cream girls

Lotte just released a new CM for their popular 'Zacrich' ice cream. The new CM is called 'Zachrich Girls' and stars the beautiful gravure idols Yoshiki Risa, Sugihara Anri, Rola Chen, Tsugihara Kana, Kato Sayaka, Noda Ayaka, and Nanoka as seven tempting ice cream flavors you just cannot resist.

As typical for the Zacrich commercials, the girls themselves become Zacrich ice creams and gradually expose more skin one bite after another. Although the CM was filmed inside a studio, it gives off the impression as if the ice-cream-cone-wearing girls were enjoying their simple ice-cream-life on the beach of a southern country. However, since they are the new Zacrich, we can’t help but to disturb them and take one bite after another in order to taste the new sensation. We aren’t the one to blame, because the girls themselves, appeal to us and end the CM with the words, “Please take a lot of bites!”

Tsugihara commented, “They truly took a bite.” Nanoka added, “Isn’t that an amazing way to get eaten?”

Further the girls were asked which parts they’d like to get bitten off first. They answered: “It’s embarrassing, but maybe my waist?” (Yoshiki), “More parts around shoulder!” (Sugihara), “My nose? It’s round and soft, so maybe it should taste like a dumpling? (laughs)” (Rola), and “My butt! It’s really nice and plump!” (Kato).


making of

Do you want to take a bite as well?

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