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AKB48 to sing the national anthem at Yomiuri Giants’ opening game at Tokyo Dome

On March 4th, baseball team Yomiuri Giants announced that popular idol group AKB48 will be singing the national anthem at Tokyo Dome, for the opening game of this season (to be held of the 30th)!

AKB48 has previously thrown the first pitch at the Tokyo Dome for Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp back in July 1st, 2009. In regards of their participation in this upcoming game, Maeda Atsuko stated, “A great stage with the Yomiuri Giants and in addition to being given a big role to sing the national anthem makes me feel tense. I will make sure not to embarrass ourselves in our aspired stage, the Tokyo Dome. We will do our best,” and left this confident comment for AKB48 fans as well as baseball fans nationwide.

Giants officials said they wanted AKB48 to sing the anthem because the group is having a banner month, not just with its performances but also for the fact that it was chosen by the government to take part in a suicide prevention campaign.


I'm so happy for them. They're reaching their goal.
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