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Nishino Kana gets bangs, releases new single, slays Recochoku

Nishino Kana recently updated her ameblog on the day of the release of her new single, "SAKURA, I love you?" The singer showed off her blonde locks and said:

"SAKURA, I love you?" is released today! I've gotten a lot of messages with everyone's love and impressions on the single and that makes me so happy! Let me hear some more thoughts please 

The cover and booklet of the new single shows me in two different patterns, a pink Kanayan and a black Kanayan, and the hair, fashion and makeup are totally different. Check it out!

The new single debuted in the sixth spot on today's Oricon singles chart. "SAKURA, I love you?" was also #1 weekly for Recochoku's full download chart, and has been #1 on the daily version for nearly ten days.

Source - Kana's blog, Recochoku, Oricon
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