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Yamada Yu loves Korean idols!

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu have been going out for 4 years now. But on the internet, people have been gossiping about seeing Yamada hanging out with Korean idols.

Oguri seemed to want to concentrate more on his movie career, and wanted to have more time to himself. So last year, the two of them have stopped living together.

And during that same time, Yamada was seen eating at a Korean restaurant with her model friends. An entertainment insider also present at the restaurant quipped, “Around October of last year, they were having girl talks while eating various Korean dishes. Yamada said without reservation, ‘Oguri is no good. Right now, I have a new man, a Korean man. That’s because right now I’m into Korea but he is not the one.’ She was also drinking makgeolli at the time.” lollollol, what does her drink have anything to do with it?

It seemed that the couple have broken up. However, Yamada’s family was seen with Oguri Shun on a new years family vacation in Hawaii. They stayed at the same hotel and paps were even able to get a picture of the two of them together at the beach.

Entertainment reporter Ishigawa Toshio had this to say about their relationship, “Even though there are many things that happened between them, it seems their relationship is fine. When Yamada and Oguri first begun dating, they went to each others’ management agency to tell the presidents themselves. So it’d be hard for them to even think about breaking up since it’s been accepted by their management agencies. So there is a huge chance the two of them will get married one day.”

So this new man Yamada talked about during the meal was probably just a drunken fantasy.

Yamada has said in public that “Korean men are really sweet.” She has also become a big fan of the Korean boy band 2PM in recent times and can been spotted at their concerts regularly.

(Source: entameblog.seesaa.net) translated by uso-ippai

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