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2 new members joining E-Girls for their second single

No, it hasn't been posted on Arama yet, but earlier this week news on the second single for E-Girls leaked. Later, we were communicated that Sayaka would live DREAM and the mega-unit as well.

E-Girls second single will be released on April (exact date not confirmed yet), the title track's name will be One Two Three and for the occasion, 2 members from EGD (EXPG Girls Dancers) will join the group.

Taken that MIMU from HAPPINESS is on hiatus, Sayaka is graduating at the end of this month, and BUNNY members haven't joined the recording deal yet (They're already part of E-GIRLS as backdancers for EXILE), the new members might fill in for the two that won't be present during the second single release.

Meet the new members:

Kizu Rena
(木津玲奈), 17 years old, who's already modeled for some Teen magazines.

Suda Anna
(須田アンナ) 14 years old, a dancer who also participated in the 3rd Vocal Battle Audition were the newest members of FLOWER were selected, BUNNY members were chosen, and the dancers who will back up Tachibana Kana (Ex-DREAM) solo project.

Source: EXILE Contact Twitter | E-Girls Official Site | One Day One Life ameblog | LDH fan ameblog | CUTE TV ameblog

PS: about time E-Girls gets a tag...

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