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Becky♪♯ holds her first surprise graduation live


On March 5th, Becky♪♯ held a surprise live during a graduation ceremony at Tachibana Gakuen High School in Kanagawa.

Becky♪♯ has always dreamed of holding a graduation live because she wanted to congratulate the graduates in person by delivering her music to them. Until now, she wasn’t able to hold one due to her busy schedule. However this year, Becky♪♯ was able to hold a graduation live at her manager’s alma mater after making multiple requests.

After handing out the diploma to the students, the principal introduced Becky♪♯ saying, “I have a gift that I’ve kept a secret from everyone. I want you to spread your wings unto tomorrow by receiving energy from this person.” Becky♪♯ made an appearance to the intro of “Kaze no Shirabe“, and sang “Yaruki Switch” and “Toki no Naka ni” for the 252 high school graduates.

Becky♪♯ called out to the graduates, “Everyone, congratulations on graduating! I hope wonderful paths will open up to you.

Footage from this graduation live will be revealed through Becky♪♯’s official YouTube channel on March 17th. In the meantime, check out pictures from the live below!


Why can't i see her yt channel T_T

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