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20 Years of Sailor Moon

Today is "Sailor Moon"'s 20th anniversary (as you probably guessed from the title). The show debuted March 7, 1992. SM saw a resurgence in popularity last year, with the new manga comic collections being released bimonthly in English, and the video game. The owners are still taking suggestions as to what to do next with the series. Post your ideas and desires in the comments!

Ideas thrown around: Re-dub the entire series (producers actually passed around this possibility at a convention to fans two years ago, asking them to vote on it), a total revamp as to follow the manga comics, a Blu-ray set, streaming over Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Fans are rewatching the entire series in celebration today! I know everyone shits all over the English dubbed version, but for some reason I like it. It has a cute, slight corniness about it. They removed all the lesbianism of the original in it though. >:( Ya know, think of the children!!!

Did ya know that Italian psychologists have found that Sailor Moon can turn you into a bunch of homos like a boss?

In the Italian dub of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, the Starlights' sex switching was not present. Instead the Sailor Starlights were said to be the twin sisters of the Three Lights. This explanation was added to the Italian dub after Vera Slepoj, a psychologist, claimed that Sailor Moon made young boys become homosexual.[4]

In Italy the anime was blamed by some psychologists and parents' associations because of its violent scenes and sexual references which, in their opinion, made it unfit for a young audience. In 1997 the psychologist Vera Slepoj declared that the last season would seriously compromise children's sexual identity, because of the Three Lights' sex change when they transformed into Sailor Senshi. Because of this, there were a number of changes which altered the storyline and affected the popularity of the series, one of which was that the Sailor Starlights were the twin sisters of the Three Lights. This change, however, did not occur until episode 188.

I  am adding a few more things to this post like the Sailor Senshi prototypes

and Sailor Moon in pop culture

(when I saw this I squealed)

Source 1 2 rebel_fart @ ONTD

Sailor Moon party?
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