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I Love You Japan ~For 3.11, From U.S.A.~: support on March 11

It's been one year since the great disaster in Japan last March 11. There's still a long ways to go in terms of recovery, and for a lot of people, life is still constantly a struggle. This is why it's still crucial that we show our support and continue to keep the affected people and areas in our hearts.

A friend of mine came up with the idea of changing the lyrics of I Love You & I Need You Fukushima (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CQJuAN2BEY) to apply to all of the affected areas of Japan, and create a music video for it including people from all 50 states of America. We quickly got permission from the original band, and a student of acquaintance from the Tokyo College of Music began arranging our own version of the song almost instantly. Over the past two months, my friends and I have worked to contact people living in each of the 50 states, and from there, we taught everyone how to record the song and video, and they sent them in when they were done. Once all the parts were sent in, I mixed them and the video, and now...we have our project.

It's the anniversary now in Japan, and somehow our video is public on time. The only thing we're trying to accomplish with this project is expressing our support: showing people that support is still coming from all over the world, and that we haven't forgotten.

I think this kind of thing isn't done on Arama that often, but this is a great community full of people who really care about Japan, so I hope this post will go through and that y'all will check it out, and share it as much as you can, because we want to spread our support to as many people as possible!


(Mods, I'm sorry if this kind of thing isn't allowed, seeing as it's not really entertainment news, but I hope at least you guys will check out the video. And as for the tags, I had no idea what would be appropriate, so I picked the few I thought MIGHT POSSIBLY apply. Please let me know if I should change anything here... Thanks so much, guys!)
Tags: international media, japanese culture

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