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MAY’S are making a comeback

On March 9th, pop duo group MAY’S, who went hiatus last year due to vocalist Katagiri Maiko’s poor condition, held their comeback live ‘THE FACTORY presents MAY’S RETURN LIVE ‘39′”, which marked their first live since September of last year. At this event, Katagiri stated, “I’m happy I was able to come back as my energetic self,” and performed thirteen songs including their new song, “SKY”, at this live.

She stated, “Since it was my first time being away from the stage for so long, I felt a lot of stress,” and honestly explained her experience. Katagiri also revealed that in December last year, she had gone to London to take some language courses there. She felt that, “Rather than doing nothing in my free time, I thought it would be good to go out and experience for a little bit, and use that experience to connect with my music.” She added, “I want to show that I did not change despite my throat condition.”

also they are releasing a new single in April!!!


yay \o/
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