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Nakaya Sayaka (of AKB48) to Publish an Autobiography

Nakayan was one of the 13,000 people who entered the 3rd Generation AKB48 audition in December 2006. She passed the audition and debuted with Team B on stage in April 2007. She was moved to Team A following the team shuffle in August 2009.

Since Nakayan entered AKB48 6 years ago, she did not rank within the Top 40 in any of the 3 Senbatsu Elections. In the autobiography she describes her feelings regarding the situation, and how she managed to eventually look at this and find it "amusing".

Even without being a Senbatsu member in AKB48, Nakayan has already distinguished herself through voice acting for an animated version of Moshidora, as well as Neptune MK2, a role-playing game on Playstation 3. She will also be a voice actor in AKB0048, an animation about AKB48 in future.

The book also describes the difficult life of an Idol behind the scenes, and how Nakayan was able to find a comfortable place for herself after overcoming the hardships. The central theme of the book is "Send a positive message for all the 'Non-Senbatsu' people in real life".

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