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Ziyoou-Vachi reveals title & release date for second album

Mysterious rock band Ziyoou-Vachi has revealed the title and release date for their second album!

Ziyoou-Vachi’s new album will be titled “Hebihime-sama” It is scheduled for a May 23rd release. The theme of the album is ‘destruction’ and it will feature a total of 8 tracks.

The band is currently in the middle of their one-man tour, ‘Kujaku Fujin‘. They’ve already added one new date to their tour, on June 1st at SHIBUYA-AX, this new live will be called ‘Kamen no Utage Dainiya‘.

Here is one of their older songs:

source, video

The drummer and lead singer, Luli-chan and Avu-chan (17 and 19 respectively), are siblings of African-American and Japanese descent.
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