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T-ara to donate royalties from Japanese "Roly-Poly" to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

will be donating the entire proceeds of their Japanese single ‘Roly-Poly’ to the victims Fukushima nuclear disaster.

T-ara’s agency Core Content Media said in a statement, “Marking the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, T-ara’s thoughts are with the victims of the disaster. The girls would also like to take this opportunity to thank the fans for the love and support they’ve given all along and we’ve relayed the message to T-ara’s agency in Japan to donate the full proceeds from the single ‘Roly-Poly’.”

T-ara’s Japanese agency replied that they would make sure T-ara’s message is well conveyed.

T-ara have been actively involved in charity works in Korea as well, the latest including the promise they made to greet the train riders in the subway. With their latest donation to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster victims, the reputation of the girls as idols with conscience has gotten only stronger.

Members of T-ara stated, “Our donation can’t make the damage the victims have suffered disappear, but we only hope that we can be of small help”.

Kpop Fever, Money Today via Nate
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