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Kis-My-Ft2 turn into girl band for new commercial


Seven beautiful girls will appear in a new chewing gum commercial this week, but the secret is the girls are actually Kis-My-Ft2, reports Chunichi Sports.

The seven members were at an event in Roppongi, Tokyo on March 8, where they talked about dressing in drag for their Watering Kissmint commercial. Kis-My-Ft2 members had stayed in hair and makeup for more than an hour to be transformed from boys into girls. Group member Taisuke Fujigaya had said he was blown away by his transformation.

“When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was in shock. I thought I looked really pretty,” he said.

“Your face was so pretty,” Takashi Nikaido said.

Hiromitsu Kitayama said even the production staff thought Fujigaya and Yuta Tamamori looked pretty, but he had a different opinion about his own face.

“I was the splitting image of my mum. I wonder whether she looked like me when she was young…”

Kitayama had also said the group shot photos with their “kissing face” on, which will be used as one of the product’s commercial posters.

“It was embarrassing but I hope the girls who look at it like it,” he said.

The topic stayed on kissing as Tamamori and Fujigaya took the chance to promote the chewing gum.

“I brush my teeth before a kissing scene during a drama shoot. I hope all of you keep kissmint in your pocket just in case the opportunity comes up,” Tamamori said.

“There are four flavours, maybe it’s a sign if you meet someone who has the same flavour as you,” Fujigaya said.

Commericals will be uploaded on March 13 around 10am Japan time.



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wahahaha Kisumai what are you doing?
shock, Fujigaya is sooo pretty omg
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