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ONE OK ROCK is going to bless the world with new live release


Rock band ONE OK ROCK has announced that the 2 days final of their 2011 tour 'Zankyo Reference TOUR' is going to be released on   May 30th, in DVD and Blue-ray version. The final took place in Yokohama Arena and gathered 24,000 people. 

The release is said to include songs which weren't shown in the WOWOW program that aired on 03.12, as well as include footage from entire 'Zankyo Reference Tour'. The documentary is going to be more than 1 hour long. The DVD edition will come with two disc (one for concert and one for documentary) and Blue-ray is going to be a one disc release.

Additionally, the band is going to open their official YouTube channel on April 9th, and on the same day the trailer of upcoming release will be uploaded. 

Live DVD & Blue-ray
"Zankyo Reference TOUR in Yokohama Arena"
DVD (2 DISC): 5,200¥ Blue-ray(ONE DISC): 6,500¥

SOURCE: OOR's Official Site

I don't know why they bother with Blue-ray, but anyway...
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